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Extended RV Warranty Work and Most Insurances Accepted.

RV Awnings

YelpRV awnings are one of the most important features for your indoor comfort and outdoor living by providing shade and protection from the elements. Although you may have followed all the manufacturer’s recommendations for care, there may come a time when you must replace your awning fabric. Replacing your old, worn-out awnings can breathe new life into your RV, and our experienced staff will help you pick out your replacement fabric.  We will assist you with your insurance or extended warranty issues concerning your awnings, and we can provide insurance estimates for damaged awnings.

Whether you want to have your worn-out awnings replaced or upgrade from a manual to an electric system, we will take care of your needs. It can be a frustrating and difficult process to replace your own awning fabric, therefore, we recommend using our trained, professional staff to perform the job for you.

We offer professional mobile awning repairs, installations and upgrades for all recreational vehicles. Repairs and installation of your slide out awnings, entry door awnings, window awnings and patio awnings are among our offered services.  Our staff has the knowledge and expertise to handle all your RV awning repairs or upgrades.

You may not know that your insurance covers complete awning replacement when awnings are damaged.  Because we are experienced dealing with insurance companies, we can help you with your claim.

A&E Dometic and Carefree are manufacturers we trust

We use the highest quality and most reliable fabric manufacturers such as A&E Dometic and Carefree to ensure your satisfaction with your new awning.  We have a large selection of patterns, colors, and fabrics in either vinyl or acrylic from which to choose.

Awning Services We Provide:

  • Awning replacement
  • Awning hardware repair
  • Awning upgrades
  • Electric awning installations
  • Awning upgrades from manual to electric
  • Slide out awning installations
  • Slide out awning fabric replacement
  • Door awning installations
  • Electric door awning installation
  • Window awning installations
  • Electric window awning installations