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Extended Protection Plans

Protection Plans

  • cilajet cilajet

    CilaJet Reflecting the Future

    What is it and Why does every RV buyer need it?

    A Couple Reasons:

    ~Ciilajet is a micro-thin sealant developed specifically for commercial aircraft. It has been tested and proven to resist contaminants adhering to the paint, and to protect metal surfaces against corrosion.
    ~Cilajet products are hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly.
    ~It guarantees to keep your RV's paint protected from most environmental conditions such as UV rays, bird droppings, acid rain, tree sap, hard mineral deposits.
    ~It helps keep your RV cleaner longer, gives it a mirror-like finish, and keeps it looking shiny and showroom new for years to come!


    Exterior Protection: Resists contaminants from adhering to the surface. It repels dirt, grease, bird droppings, tree sap, insects, acid rain, road salts, and harsh detergents. Also, protects against oxidation, fading, pollution and water spotting, and as a result it reduces frequency of washing.

    Wheel Enhancement: Cilajet can be applied to chrome, aluminum or alloy wheels, preventing corrosion and resisting brake dust, making it easy to keep your wheels clean and shiny.

    Interior Protection: It prevents permanent staining from food, drink, oils, lotions and more. It allows for easy carpet and upholdtery clean-up. It also protects your leather and vinyl surfaces from dying, fading and discoloration.

    RV Masters in Hemet, and Corona, CA are looking to provide every client with a protection plan that maintains the luxurious feel of their RV for years to come.

  • NanoCure

    Don't Leave RV Masters Without It!

    What is NanoCure?


    It's how you freeze time and keep your RV looking like new for years! NanoCure RV Appearance Protection was developed to protect your RV from the most common incidents that can permanently damage its appearance. It protects your RV's interior and exterior surfaces from the unexpected- and expensive - surprises that may be waiting around the next curve. The revolutionary nanotechnology creates superior protective finishes by filling uneven areas on your vehicle, creating a weather- and hazard-resistant shield. It forms a molecular bond with the surface to protect your vehicle from the harmful elements.

    Exhibit A

    RV Masters in Hemet and Corona, CA aims to provide the best customer experience for our clients after they've purchased any of our RV's. That includes providing every client with a protection plan that maintains the luxurious feel of the RV for years to come. This is how you enjoy your investment to the fullest without worrying or being restrictive. With that being said, NanoCure RV Appearance Protection includes interior and exterior protection that offers the following available coverages: body panel protection, carpet and fabric protection, end cap protection, factory wheel protection, headlight lens protection, leather and vinyl protection, organic odor eliminator, vinyl awning protection, and windshield protection. Life happens, and when it does we do not want to have to get ready, we want to already be ready. 
    Let me also mention that this applies to new, as well as used RV's. If your RV has begun to fade and has some sun damage, your case is not far gone.

    Last but not least, NanoCure Windshield Protection offers enhanced visibility and increased strength. All of our clients deserve a bold, clear view of the road!  Nanotechnology provides a hydrophobic protective barrier that prevents damage from a wide range of hazards. Our hardness testing even shows that windshields treated with NanoCure can resist damage from a BB gun fired at close range 2-times more than untreated windshields.


Protect your home away from home... from life's surprises on the road.