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RV Consignment near Corona, CA

Admittedly, it can be challenging to sell your own RV, even if the unit you own is in relatively good condition. You will also have to consider paying for an advertisement spot to market your RV, which can be tedious to arrange. Why go through the frustration of looking for a buyer, when you can let RV Masters handle the sale of your motorhome or towable RV through consignment?

With our RV Consignment Program, you no longer have to scour the entirety of California or surrounding States for a buyer. Allow us to use our dealership’s high reputation and national presence to lend credibility to the sale, and attract potential buyers from all across the country. We will handle the entire process of the transaction so that all you have to do is receive the money for your RV. All while being located conveniently between two major cities in SoCal that puts many more eyes on your RV. 


Although it is entirely possible to sell an RV on your own without help, there are benefits to agreeing to consignment. The market for RVs, in particular, can be volatile at worst. With an experienced dealer handling the transactions, you can be sure that we will take great pains in promoting and selling your RV.

There are other benefits to an RV consignment arrangement, such as:

Maximized market value – We can sell your RV for the maximum market value it commands. Let us price your RV fairly so that you can make the most of it.

Secure transactions – Why meet up with buyers personally when you can leave the job at our dealership? We will conduct the sale of your RV within our own dealership.

Seller privacy protection – It can be annoying to take calls from buyers during odd hours. Allow us to take calls or messages regarding your RV for you.

Fast sales – We often have many customers visiting our dealership for an RV. These same people can be potential buyers for your RV, without us having to look further.

Uncomplicated process – Perhaps the trickiest part of selling off an RV is handling the title work, as well as other paperwork such as registration and determining loan payoffs. We can organize all these matters for you so that you do not have to.

Ready list of buyers – In addition to the walk-in customers we deal with, we also keep a database of potential buyers to refer to. We can use this comprehensive system to find a buyer willing to purchase your RV for the right price.


RV Masters is a leading RV dealer within the state of California, near Corona. With our years of experience and our distinction, there is not more trustworthy dealership to consign with than ours. If you are interested in making consignment arrangements with us, call us at (951) 388-2154 today for inquiries.

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